Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The perfect prescription sunglasses*

Been a while, hasn't it? Welcome back! The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind - from finishing my Law degree (I graduate next week!) to feeling a little under the weather, blogging has been on the backburner for a while. But I was never going to be away for that long (how the hell could I?) and I have tons of exciting posts planned for the next few weeks - including a few Paris tourist guides which will go up after I come back from my trip in early August. Can you believe my trip to Paris will be my first holiday for 10+ years? Insane, I know.

This summer is going to filled with a lot of celebrating & relaxing before I start school again in September (no rest for the wicked), which leads us nicely to today's post. I've always found it quite difficult to buy sunglasses for my face shape, round and oversized are a no-go, which is quite frustrating as they look so gorgeous (that is until they're on my face).  Luckily, I was recently contacted by to review a pair of their eyeglasses which gave me the perfect opportunity to start the hunt again & try to find the perfect pair.

What I love about this site is that they offer prescription sunglasses for nearly all of the frames they offer, great for those of us who want eye protection with the added benefit of actually, you know, being able to see. They offer a really wide range of glasses frames for both men and women which made looking for something to suit me a lot easier. I ended up choosing the Amanda Cat Eye sunglasses in Black. I opted for non-prescription sunglasses because I only wear prescription glasses for reading, but the option was there which is great, and they took around a week and a half to come which wasn't too bad. First of all, the glasses came in a great sturdy case which was a pleasant surprise. The eyeglasses were definitely true to the picture and I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy they are, it definitely isn't the kind of pair that'll break easily despite being priced reasonably low.

So, the big question: how did they fit?

Now this is where I'm torn. While they are a really pretty pair of sunglasses, when I wore them they were definitely bigger than I expected which disappointed me a little. I have a fairly small face which is why oversized glasses don't necessarily fit me too well. They aren't massive but are bigger than I wanted them to be, though it doesn't necessarily look comical so I suppose it won't look too bad. Despite this, I was pretty happy with the comfort of these which is a plus. I suppose that's one of the things with purchasing sunglasses online as opposed to in store, but I did notice afterwards that provide you with the glasses specifications (frame size, glass size, length, etc) in the information section of the glasses you're looking at so it's a mistake that can be avoided!

All-in-all, they're great value for money, have a wonderful range and definitely worth a try if you want a good pair of prescription sunglasses. Luckily for my readers you can get 50% off your first pair using the code GSHOT50 (exc. sale frames)

Who says you can't get style & convenience with your shades?

Keep it real,

Zahra D x 


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