Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How does it affect you? Trump & the Muslim Ban

"but how does it affect you? You're from England."

These are the words I've been reading on Twitter since the news of Trump's latest controversy struck. People might have been expecting me to have said something straightaway on DoD, and believe me I wanted to - but I knew that I needed to approach this with a level head. So, people behind screens, here's my answer.

How does this affect us all? I'll tell you how:

This isn't just a ban against people of majority-Muslim countries from entering the US. This is a ban against the protection of fragile people. A ban against the last shred of humanity that America seems to have managed to hold on to by the edge of its thread. I suppose what gets to me most about people saying 'this doesn't affect you' is that they fail to see the wider implications this has had and will continue to have at a global scale.

It isn't just that my uncle is marooned in another country, possibly unable to return to the USA after calling it home for the past 20 plus years. It's not just that my mother, a Somalian-born citizen, may have lost the last hope she has of seeing our ill grandmother. Even if these things weren't happening to the people that I love, this affects us all because it's legitimising hateful thinking while being masked as protectionism. How hilarious it is, to mask this policy as 'guarding against terror' when not a single person on US soil has been killed by foreign terrorists since 9/11, that the majority of people who kill others in the US are US citizens themselves? That the shooter of the Quebec mosque was called a 'lone wolf', rather than branded a terrorist? Fact: Terrorism is not Islam.
Time and time and time again, the media legitimises hateful thinking towards other ethnic groups (especially those of the Islamic faith), insisting that their ethnicity & religion and no other reason is why they are a danger. This isn't me saying that there are no foreign threats so don't get me wrong, but by enforcing an outright ban against people who just want to start anew, to be given a second chance at life? That isn't protectionism. It's a cruel facade to bring back archaic notions of one group being superior to another - have you not learned from the mistakes of your past, America?

More fear comes from the word 'terrorism' than terrorism itself. Its treatment in the media and politicians alike has fuelled the fire of hatred and racism against those who just want a fresh beginning.

We are living in dangerous times. Donald Trump is no brave man. He is a person whose mind has been so warped and twisted by fear and hatred, that he fails to see what is right in front of him. The world has come in full force against him, Muslims and non-Muslims alike have vowed never to return to a past where discrimination has justified unprecedented evils. Clearly Mr Trump believes he should be praised for taking such action, but it's the action of the millions of us around the world who believe in supporting the weak and being the voice for the voiceless that should be praised.

Not all heroes, as they say, wear capes.

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