Saturday, 26 August 2017

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops Review

I think most people will agree that one of the makeup products which has people particularly spellbound is highlighter. Doughnut glaze, fairy dust, whatever you want to call it - it's definitely one of those products which for me just polishes up any makeup look.

Until recently, I'd mainly ventured into trying powder highlighters which while mostly acceptable, can have the tendency of looking cakey or clinge to dry skin - a look that nobody can pull off. But my friends, I have dipped my toes into highlighted waters and I can tell you now, I have never been more excited.

I'd seen the Cover FX Enhancer Drops circulating the makeup world and put it on my makeup wishlist for the longest time, and I finally got my hands on it *dances*. My coveted shade was Moonstone which seems to constantly be sold out, but I managed to pick up a bottle on (new users get 15% off - score!)

I'm sure as fellow beauty aficionados, none of you are strangers to the Cover FX Enhancer Drops. They come in a range of 6 shades, but I chose Moonstone because it was the shade which suited my skintone the best - but you brave ones can definitely venture into trying the likes of Celestial, a pale but beautiful silvery shade. That's especially what I love about these, the shade range caters to a large variety of skintones so there's something for everyone.

The Cover FX Enhancer drops are quite small at 15ml a bottle, but I realised I didn't even need to feed the product into the pipette for each use. I simply touched the pipette to the back of my hand (more than enough) and applied a few dots with my fingers along my cheekbones, blending it in with a buffing brush. A little definitely goes a long way, and the shades are absolutely buildable if you want a really popping highlight. While liquid highlighters might be a little intimidating, they're really very easy to apply, and blending them in well is definitely key to getting a gorgeous glow without looking like two big lines of shimemr.

At £34, it's definitely one of the more higher priced highlighters, but this is absolutely something that will last you for the longest time, I definitely recommend trying out this highlighter while it's on offer. I've had so many compliments on my highlighter (basically the best makeup compliment you can get, let's be honest) and it's all down to this small, but mighty bottle.

(Also available to purchase from Beauty BayHouse of Fraser and Space NK)

Have you tried the Cover FX Enhancer Drops? What is your favourite liquid highlighter?

Zahra D x 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Ordinary skincare review

So this post has been in the works for a long time, but like with any skincare post, I wanted to give a good amount of time for my skin to see the results. 

If you don't know about The Ordinary by now you've pretty much been living in a cave. Created by DECIEM, The Ordinary is a brand which creates low budget skincare products catered towards a range of skin needs. Most products are less than £10 which is amazing considering other brands use the same ingredients with a much higher cost. Being the budget-beauty girl I am, I put a few to the test and here are my thoughts, product by product:

For reference, my skin type is oily/acne prone

Used for: dark marks/uneven skintone
Thoughts: I actually really loved this product, I definitely noticed a gradual improvement in old acne marks on my face (I say 'loved' because I finished it 2 weeks ago!). This is definitely one I need to repurchase, doesn't dry my skin out, perf. 
Used for: Blemishes
Thoughts: It hasn't really done much, to be honest. Perhaps it was the added stress of my final uni exams which made me break out even more, but even more recently hasn't done anything in terms of getting rid of breakouts. Disappointing, especially as it was the product I was most excited about.

Used for: superficial skin peel
Thoughts: I definitely went heavy-handed with this at the start which I regret, my skin became so dried out. I reduced the amount I used (as recommended on the bottle) and my skin has gotten used to it, and when I remember to use it consistently it actually does help to gradually reduce hyperpigmentation. It's a yes from me!

Used for: brightening 
Thoughts: it's quite thick and hard to blend, but a little goes a long way. I'm not too sure whether it does what it says, but that may be down to me using a little longer since this is the most recent product I've consistently used. 

Used for: blemishes

Thoughts: I wish I purchased this before I got the Niacinamide acid because this stuff WORKS. The bottle is small, but mighty. A tiny dab on a spot and this works really fast at reducing redness and inflammation, it isn't drying on my skin either. One thing I would say is that it may cause some hyperpigmentation if used too much so use lightly. It's still something I bring out whenever I need it. 

Used for: reducing pigmentation/ puffiness 
Thoughts: I LOVE this stuff - when I remember to use it consistently I can definitely notice a visible difference in my dark circles. Sure, I've accepted that the majority of it is hereditary (unfortunately) but on the days when I'm looking extra tired, this does the job. I've been recommending this to friends, it's that good.

Have you tried The Ordinary skincare? What are your favourite products?

Zahra D x

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